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Moving Out

As you transition to your new residence for the next year, here are a few things you’ll need to know about moving out:

  1. We are UNABLE to grant EXTENSIONS on your move out date. Please KNOW your move-out date and BE PREPARED to be moved out by 1:00 p.m. that date.
  2. It is very important that ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY is removed from your house no later than 1:00 p.m. on your move-out date. You will be charged for the removal of any items left behind. The charge to remove a large item is $50.00 per item. (This includes anything from a desk fan to a sofa.) Trash removal is $15.00 per bag. Removal of outdoor grills and other appliances is $65.00. The city of East Lansing will pick up your large items for a small fee. Call 337-1731 ext. 380 to schedule pick up.
  3. Avoid these charges by checking the ENTIRE house before you leave. Look in closets, attic, basement, garage, shed and entire yard. (Rakes and shovels should be left at the house.)
  4. Your EZ CART(S) must be stored behind your house. Do not place at the curb unless it is a scheduled trash pick up day. CCM will move your EZ CART(S) to the curb or empty your cart(s).
  5. The LAST PERSON OUT of the house/apartment must return ALL KEYS to our office. We will not accept anyone’s keys before move out is complete.
  6. Your SECURITY DEPOSIT REFUND, along with a list of itemized charges, will be sent to you within 30 days of your termination of occupancy. However, you must submit to us IN WRITING a forwarding address where you’d like the security deposit mailed to. If we do not receive a forwarding address, your security deposit will be mailed to your last known address.
  7. The security deposit check will be issued to the one (1) person whom your group designated as the Security Deposit Agent in your lease. That person is responsible for dispersing the appropriate funds to all tenants.
  8. Please don’t forget to CANCEL PHONE & INTERNET services; and REMOVE your name from UTILITIES!

Moving In

We are excited to welcome you to your CCM home! Following is some important information that will help your move go as smoothly as possible.

  1. After the previous residents move out and prior to your moving in, we paint, clean, and make any necessary repairs to your new home. We do not grant any EARLY MOVE IN REQUESTS, as we utilize every bit of this short time between leases to prepare all of our properties for their new residents.
  2. Your entire SECURITY DEPOSIT for the property must be PAID IN FULL in order for anyone to receive keys.
  3. We must have all parental SURETY FORMS prior to your move in day.
  4. When moving in, please take care to NOT DRIVE ON THE LAWN. This is an automatic $75.00 charge. PACE is very strict about lawn/yard driving and will be patrolling city streets during move-in.
  5. Store EMPTY MOVING BOXES inside. PACE will ticket for any accumulated boxes, trash etc.
  6. Turn in a completed INVENTORY CHECKLIST within 24hrs after moving in. (Provided when keys are picked up.)
  7. Turn in a MOVE IN REPAIR LIST within 7 days after your move in date. (Provided when keys are picked up.) (Call us immediately for any emergency repairs! See phone number, below.)
  8. PHONE/CABLE service are your responsibility. (See a list of providers below or contact a provider of your choosing.)
  9. HOUSEHOLD UTILITIES: Water & Sewer should already be set up for you, but it is your responsibility to set up gas and electric prior to move in. Contact the utility companies well in advance, so you don’t move in without these services in place. Their contact information is included below.

Listed below are some important and helpful phone numbers:

Consumers Energy (gas): 800-477-5050

Board of Water & Light (electric): 702-6006

City of East Lansing (water/sewer): 337-1731

AT&T: 800-244-4444

Comcast Cable: 800-824-2000

MSU campus operator: 355-1855

East Lansing Police (NON-emergency): 351-4220

U.S. Post Office: 337-8711

CATA Bus Service: 394-1000

The State News: 355-8252

Community Resource Management Company (CRMC): 517-337-7577

CRMC AFTER HOURS Emergency Maintenance: 517-420-5567