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Rental Documents

Download and complete rental and lease documents.

Rental Application

Please completely fill out this form, and sign the back page when applying for housing with CRMC. All applications must be complete to be accepted, including social security numbers. Thank you!

Surety Agreement (Parental Consent Form)

This is the parental consent form that one or both of your parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign. PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT THE TENANT/STUDENT NAME AT THE TOP OF THE FORM, AND THE CRMC PROPERTY ADDRESS THEY WILL BE LIVING AT …thanks!

Request to Advertise for Sublease

Use this document when you want to advertise for a sublease. We will place the information on our website. You can also use it as a guide when advertising elsewhere.

Sublease Agreement

Use this document when you want to sublease to/from a third party. Please bring a completed copy to our office once you have signed it. The sublessee must also fill out a rental application with us.

Sample Lease for Houses

This is a sample lease for houses. CRMC reserves the right to alter leases at any time.